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WAR Chest Boutique

WAR Chest Boutique

The WAR Chest Boutique is the retail arm of the non-profit organization Women At Risk, International, for which W.A.R. is an acronym. It includes our online boutique, 3 retail stores, and WAR Int’l product parties held in homes, businesses and churches throughout the U.S.

We are a treasure chest, if you will, of unique gifts hand-crafted by or sold in support of at-risk women (and even some at-risk men) in our partnering programs in over 40 countries, including the United States.

Our mission is two-fold:
1. To market and sell the women’s work, empowering them to make a living with dignity and to expand the programs they’re in to help more at risk women.

2. To educate our shoppers about the risks facing women around the world and invite them to make a difference by shopping with a purpose and sharing the stories of the women who made their pieces.

WAR, Int’l addresses several risk issues, but most of the women behind our products have been at risk or rescued from sexual exploitation and modern day slavery (human trafficking).

Each product description includes information about the program it is made in or supports as well as a link to our artisan story gallery.

Though the specific risks faced by our women vary, their needs are often the same: love, safety, dignity, education, and practical skills to empower them to make a living and provide for their children. When you buy a product from the WAR Chest Boutique, you are truly a fellow soldier in the fight to set women and children free from bondage and slavery. Shop with a Purpose!