Features Bar & Grill
10 W. Chicago
Naperville, IL 60540

Laurel & The Love-In @ Feature’s!

Friday May 20 – Laurel & The Love-In – $3.00 ticket, doors open at 7:00PM

Dear Mother,

I meant to write to you before this, and I hope you haven’t been worried. I am in Nashville and it is really beautiful here. A beautiful scene. We’ve been here a week, me and this rock and roll band that calls itself the Love-In. We’re making this movie. Well it’s not really a movie, but a short film. Well it’s not visual or anything, more like an album. Only while we’re making it, I’m in it.

I won’t bore you with the whole thing, how it happened, but I really tried, because I knew you wanted me to. It just didn’t work out with me and Danny, and so I have come here and it is a really beautiful scene. I don’t want you to worry about me. I’m with the Love-In now.

There’s a boy named Ian Kendall who plays guitar. He’s shown me around a bit. He’s always in such a hurry, yet somehow always late. And there’s a girl named Veronica Selby with eyes like a doe and a voice like a little birdie. She hangs around with a boy named Michael Rasile, who hits his drums so hard you wouldn’t believe! It’s powerful stuff the way he plays, but my new friend Allison Stokes says not to listen to him. She sings with a voice dark and mysterious like the woods back home. Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what I should do. This guy John Lattimer says I shouldn’t listen to either of them and to just do what I want. He plays the bass like thunder and walks around followed by a cloud of smoke.

We’re all getting a van together and we’re just gonna go. We’re piling in together, traveling all over the Heartland, playing our music and bringing people into our movie. Please don’t worry. We’re welcoming everyone to the Love-In.

Completely and Honestly Truly,

Laurel & the Love-In

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