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Q-BBQ; Kitchen Line Cook – Part Time

Posted 07/26/17

As a Kitchen Line Cook, you are responsible for preparing meals, including chopping vegetables, prepping meats, pulling and chopping meats, working the fryers, making salads and putting together entrees. This job does not typically include major cooking duties. It does provide the opportunity to grow and develop, learn the Q-BBQ system and culture, and other skills essential to succeeding in kitchen work.

Kitchen Members at Q quickly become good at using a wide range of kitchen tools, utensils, and chopping knives. You will learn the process of preparing, presenting and holding smoked meats (after all, we are a BBQ restaurant!), and gain a thorough understanding of proper sanitation. We plan to invest in developing your skills as much as and as far as you are capable of going.

Q Kitchen Members are also responsible for completing smaller duties found in most restaurants, such as ensuring leftover food is properly stored, emptying the trash, washing dishes, maintaining equipment, and testing food temperatures.

The Q Benefits:

Free BBQ
Extremely passionate and supportive staffs who feel like family (maybe you’ll like them better than family)
Fun work environment without a corporate/franchise structure
Flexible schedule
Getting in the ground floor of a rapidly expanding small business
Did we mention free BBQ? #seriously

Where You’ve Worked Before:

In a perfect world, you are all of the things we’ve mentioned already and then some. In the real world, you might have worked one of these jobs before:

You have worked a kitchen job before in a fast food or casual setting (line cook, prep cook, etc.)
You have worked in a food service job before (hotel, banquet hall, etc.)
You currently work in a restaurant but want something more out of your experience
You currently go to culinary school and are looking for a more enriching experience
You haven’t done any of these things, and have never worked in a restaurant: and that’s fine. Let us know what makes you interesting, exceptional, and why you fit in at Q.

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