Italian Restaurants

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Looking for a classic Bolognese or a pasta carbonara that will knock your socks off? Come to downtown Naperville and let the food speak for itself. Some of the more traditional Italian restaurants in Naperville offer unique delicacies that teleport your taste buds back to the old country.

There are options for everyone, especially when looking for a modern twist on Italian cuisine. Even better, there are plenty of spacious places to bring large families, host special events and feed the masses.

Palatable Pastas & Pizzas

From fine dining options to local pizza joints, the Italian restaurants in downtown Naperville never disappoint. Here, you’ll find everything from Chicago-style deep dish to custom oak-fired pizzas inspired by historic Naples, Italy.

When it comes to Italian in downtown Naperville, you’ll find a mix of the traditional and modern, including various gluten-free alternatives. Make your way downtown to find some of the most rustic and traditional Italian food in Naperville, IL. No matter which restaurant you choose, you’re sure to find something that hits the spot for everyone in your group. Come and explore all the best Italian restaurants in Naperville to see whose sauce is the boss!

You can even end your night with some old-school tiramisu or the perfect bite of gelato.

Not sold on Italian fare? Check out all the Mediterranean, Mexican and Asian joints in town for more options.