Balboa’s Cheesesteaks
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Balboa’s Cheesesteaks

Balboa’s Cheesesteaks

Now offering Vegan Options and coming in September Breakfast Sandwiches! 

Balboa’s is a family run restaurant with deep roots in Philadelphia and Naperville. In 1976, the owners came to the Midwest from Philly and settled in Naperville. When an older cousin came out for a visit he thought a taste of home would be very appreciated by the family. Being little kids at the time we couldn’t understand all the fuss about Snake Sandwiches and why someone would want to eat one. We later realized the snake was really steak and a family tradition was born. We didn’t get a lot of steak sandwiches in the early years, but each one was appreciated!

Over the years we have acquired a lot of experience eating Cheesesteaks, each of us separately migrating back to Philly before settling back in our adoptive home Naperville. Over the past few years we have debated, ok fought thus the boxing theme, about how we could bring the most Philly of Philadelphia traditions to the Midwest. We’re talking about Cheesesteaks, not throwing snowballs at Santa Claus.

In 2018, all the stars aligned, and Balboa’s Cheesesteaks was born in Downtown Naperville. Whether you’re having your first ever Philly Cheesesteak or if you’ve enjoyed them for years, we at Balboa’s hope you’ll have a fun and delicious east coast experience at Balboa’s Cheesesteaks!

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