Cookie Dough Creations

22 W. Chicago Ave
Naperville, IL

Cookie Dough Creations is the only place on the planet selling real, raw cookie dough in a wide variety of gourmet desserts!

Cookie Dough Creations was founded in 1994 by Jim Bewersdorf, an ex-software salesmen sick of the corporate world. Jim began making cookie dough pies out of his home and selling them to restaurants. Chefs and restaurant owners went nuts – nobody had ever offered them such unique gourmet desserts made with cookie dough! Soon Jim’s original Cookie Dough Ice Cream Pie was being sold in more than 100 restaurants in Chicagoland.

In 1995 the CDC retail store opened its doors in Naperville, Illinois. To our knowledge, this store is the only place on the planet selling raw edible cookie dough. We feature 8 flavors of raw dough, 24 flavors of ice cream – cookie dough sundaes, shakes, sandwiches, cakes, cheesecakes, brownies, and of course our wildly popular and nationally famous cookies.

Cookie Dough Creations is a one-of-a-kind gem in a world of cookie-cutter franchises and low quality food. We never use mixes, artificial ingredients, or frozen products. We’re a small, local operation with a lot of heart – no fluff, no filler, just the best desserts you’ve ever tasted, straight from the mixing bowl.