112 W. Jefferson Avenue
Naperville, IL
331-444-7220 fahertybrand.com

Faherty is a family-run brand creating high-quality, sustainably-minded clothes that will bring you joy to wear.

Founded in 2013 by Mike and Alex Faherty and Kerry Docherty, Faherty is a family-run lifestyle and apparel brand fueled by purpose and optimism. For us, life and work are both family affairs — welcoming, comfortable, timeless. We made our teenage dream of a sun-soaked brand come true, and every day we look forward to making high-quality, sustainably-minded, feel-good favorites that will bring you joy to wear.

We feel a deep responsibility to do things differently: to promise comfort without compromising quality. To hold ourselves to a higher standard with a lower environmental impact. To leave the world a better place than we found it.

We recognize the impact the fashion industry has on the world, and we’re dedicated to learning how to be better stewards of the planet. We believe the power of conversation and connection can make real change, and we’re committed to supporting people and organizations doing work that we believe in.

We don’t just make a shirt or pair of pants: we weave a fabric that’s soft and strong; we cut it to fit and function and move with you; we construct it with obsessive attention to detail, to last a lifetime. We design with purpose — everything we create is meant for someone, somewhere, doing something. Everything we create is meant for you.