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Le Pain Quotidien

Le Pain Quotidien

What he wanted was simple: bread, hearty and wholesome, with a firm slice and a good crust.

Alain Coumont learned about bread as a small child, standing on a chair every Sunday watching his grandmother bake bread. As a young chef in Brussels, Alain could not find the right bread for his restaurant.

Passionate about quality, he returned to his roots and opened a small bakery where he could knead flour, salt and water into the rustic loaves of his childhood.

“Le Pain Quotidien” was born.

Our bread is made today exactly as it was in the beginning: with only organic stone-ground flour, salt, and water, kneaded and shaped by hand and baked in a hearth under the watchful eye of artisan bakers.

We insist on the freshest and finest ingredients. From our signature Belgian tartines to fresh salads, soups and desserts, we source organic and local ingredients whenever possible.

Our shelves are lined with the products we use in our kitchens: the jams and chocolate spreads on the communal table, the granola in your parfait, the coffee that fills your bowl.


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