Potbelly Sandwich Works
236 S. Washington St.
Naperville, IL 60540





Mon:   10AM -4PM
Tue:   10AM -4PM
Wed:   10AM -4PM
Thu:   10AM -4PM
Fri:   10AM -4PM
Sat:   10AM -4PM
Sun:   10AM -4PM


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Potbelly Sandwich Works

Potbelly Sandwich Works

We choose high quality meats, cheeses and veggies, then slice, cut and chop them ourselves. Our sandwich makers build amazing toasty sandwiches to order and get you through the line really fast. While every Potbelly Sandwich Shop is unique, they all have friendly folks behind the counter that will make you feel at home. Offering sandwiches like “A Wreck” made with Black Angus roast beef, old world salami, oven roasted turkey breast, hickory smoked ham and melted Swiss Cheese. The chicken salad in their Chicken Salad Sandwich is handmade every day and many, many more delicious sandwiches!

Potbelly Sandwich Works Menu

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