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SoLAmerica Energy

SoLAmerica Energy

Sol·a·bil·i·ty /sōl əˈbilədē/ – The efficient deployment of solar power.

At SolAmerica, Solability is our mission, and we pursue this mission with passion, professionalism and integrity as we work to shape a new, clean energy millennium and an energy independent America.

By deploying solar energy solutions to harness the power of the sun, SolAmerica and its partners are bringing this mission to reality. As a leading Developer; Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) contractor; and Operations & Maintenance provider of solar photovoltaic (PV) projects for business, public sector and utilities, we optimize and deliver turnkey solar solutions that reduce energy costs and meet sustainability objectives.

Our Name Says It All

“Sol” traces its roots to the Latin word for Sun which connotes power, life force and eternity; and “America” signifies energy independence and that now is the time for America to rise to a position of leadership in the renewable energy arena. SolAmerica represents a powerful new force in harnessing energy from the sun.

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