Susan Joy College Prep
200 S. Main Street, Suite 2
Naperville, IL 60540






Susan Joy College Prep

Susan Joy College Prep

Susan Joy College Prep in Naperville, Illinois, offers high school excellence and college prep courses. Our mission is to create an educational environment that inspires students to develop a passion for learning.

Susan Joy holds a master’s in education in instructional design, an MBA, a certificate in cognitive skills training, and is working on her doctorate in education. She guides students in all subject areas, adjusting her teaching style to meet the student’s individual needs while nurturing their individual learning processes. Most notably, Susan is driven to instill confidence and motivation in her students, helping them identify and grow their unique skillset to prepare for college-level learning.

Highlighted courses include ACT/SAT Boot Camp, Freshman Excellence, Think Tank, and private tutoring for high school and college students.

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