The NOW Massage

110 S. Washington Street
Naperville, IL

The NOW Massage offers a space to escape the daily pressures of life and recharge your energy and spirit through the healing benefits of massage therapy. The NOW has reimagined the accessibility of a walk-in neighborhood massage spot with the premium menu of services and beautiful design typically associated with upscale day spas. Each NOW boutique uses canvas draping to separate therapy spaces creating an airy feeling that adds to the soothing atmosphere. Natural wood surfaces and exposed beams are coupled with sheep skins, cactus galleries and crystal grids. All the elements are aligned to form the ultimate Zen environment for optimum relaxation. With boutiques currently open from coast to coast and steady expansion on the horizon, The NOW is looking forward to bringing our thoughtfully crafted menu with customizable enhancements, healing products, and singular design aesthetic to cities all over the United States. Restore Your Body. Reset Your Soul.

The NOW Massage has won “Massage Experience of the Year” and our lead Massage Therapist, Carrie won “Massage Therapist of the Year” at the International Spa & Beauty Awards Ceremony! The ceremony was held on Sunday, April 28th at the Matrix Club of Naperville. This is such an honor!