YangRising Massage, Health & Wellness
25 S. Washington Street
Naperville, IL 60540





Mon:   10AM - 7PM
Tue:   10AM-7PM
Wed:   10AM-7PM
Thu:   10AM - 7PM
Fri:   10AM - 7PM
Sat:   10AM - 4PM


YangRising Massage, Health & Wellness

YangRising Massage, Health & Wellness

YangRising specializes in customized rehabilitative massage for your individual needs. What is rehabilitative massage?  It is therapeutic massage for a specific reason, such as treating an injury, reducing chronic pain and managing migraines.  YangRising is for all types of people and their activity levels who are looking for regularly scheduled massages as a way of increasing their health & wellness.

We want people to incorporate massage therapy into their lives as part of a health maintenance and wellness program. Therefore, we have established prices that we believe to be very reasonable and are able to provide massage therapy to people from all walks of life.

In all our Massages we use premium quality massage oils and lotions. We also have special aromas by request.

Located on Washington St. next to Catch 35 and the Post Office, Downtown Naperville.

Austin Arianoutsos (Owner) brings with him 10+ years’ experience in various massage modalities focusing on sports medicine and workplace ergonomics.  His education and training in Tradition Chinese Medicine equip him with knowledge in Cupping, Tui Na and Acupuncture.

Other Specialties:  Lypossage; Myofascial Release; Tui Na (Chinese Medical Massage); Cupping; Gua Sha; Orthopedic Neurological Evaluation



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