Zade’s Lounge
22 E. Chicago Avenue
Naperville, IL 60540




Mon:   11:30AM - Close
Tue:   11:30AM - Close
Wed:   11:30AM - Close
Thu:   11:30AM - Close
Fri:   11:30AM - Close
Sat:   11:30AM - Close
Sun:   11AM - Close


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Zade’s Lounge

Zade’s Lounge

At Zade’s Lounge, we believe sophistication is a dish best served in moderation. We believe in sipping an old fashioned on polished leather while football on the big screen. While old friends may raise a toast with single malt, they welcome new friends with a round of cold ones. We know that life tends to get more buttoned up as it goes along, but often times its greatest joys come from undoing a button or two. So, pull up a seat, grab a drink, and order something delicious. Tonight is only as sophisticated as you make it.

Offering live jazz performances, arcade games, karaoke and casual fare.


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