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Tasting Devine Cellars
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Tasting Devine Cellars

August Wine Deal: Vignoles 2014

Vignoles is a hybrid grape that was first imported to the US in the late 1940s. The exact parentage of this grape is unknown but it likely contains Seibel and a Pinot Noir clone. It is most commonly grown in the Finger Lakes region of NY and in the Midwest. 

Similar to Riesling, Vignoles is best known for its sweet styles but it can also produce beautiful dry and off-dry wines, as well. 

Blend: 80% Vignoles, 20% Riesling
Lemon Creek Vineyards, Berrien Springs, MI

Winemaker’s Tasting Notes
Color: straw, pale green
Aroma: apricot, honey, coconut, wild roses, orange zest
Palate: crisp, lemon-limeade
Body: light
Finish: acidic, crisp, clean
Foods:  oysters, lobster, white fish, appetizers

*wine club members receive an additional 10% discount on 1-11 bottles and 20% when added to a case of 12 bottles or more.


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