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Awaken Your Chakras Yoga for the Throat Chakra: Dec. 13

Awaken Your Chakras is one of Abhyaasa’s new Signature Workshops offered monthly. Each Awaken Your Chakras workshop will explore one of the seven main energy centers through poses, sounds, meditation and other techniques to create balance in the physical and energetic bodies. Abhyaasa Signature Workshops are suitable for students of all levels of experience and vary in format by teacher.
“The chakra model describes how the life force, prana, circulates between two poles, one in the physical world of the body and the other in the realm of pure consciousness. We humans, strung out between them with all our longings, joys, doubts, and desires, embody both the gross physical reality and the infinite potential of consciousness. Prana nurtures and sustains every aspect of our body and mind through the six energy centers arranged on an axis through the core of the body between the top pole, infinity at the crown (the seventh chakra), and the bottom one, at the pelvic floor (the first chakra). For easy reference, you can view the chakras in respect to their position along the spine, but keep in mind they are not physical structures; rather, they are the loci of subtle energy, which manifests on many different levels, not just the physical.”
            ~ Sandra Anderson, Himalayan Institute


Abhyaasa Signature Workshop Fees:
$25 per workshop
FREE to Abhyaasa & Awakened Members

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