Zade's Lounge
22 E. Chicago Avenue
Naperville, IL 60540


$10 - $60
Tickets available here

Zade's Lounge

Libido Funk Circus Live @ Zade’s Lounge: June 10

Libido Funk Circus has been thrilling audiences with their own unmistakable blend of signature bits and danceable hits for over 20 years…and during that time, the band has become THE experts in what it takes to make a dance floor move all night long!

LFC plays hours and hours of fan-favorite dance songs, ranging from the early days of rock and roll to current dance floor hits. This extremely wide selection of disco, rock, pop, new wave, funk, dance, country, hip hop, and Motown songs allows the band to effortlessly switch musical gears, in order to accommodate any audience…from the dance club to the country club.

Tickets Available HERE


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