07/07/2022 - 07/10/2022


124 S. Webster Street
Naperville, IL 60540


Peace turns 6!

Do you remember Abhyaasa without Peace and our wonderful Peacemakers? When the suite below the studio became available, Kate wanted to open a store so that class check-in would no longer be in the sacred practice space. Everything else unfolded from there. 💖

The idea to create a retail space dedicated to the interconnectedness of all things and call it Peace was a moment of truly leaning into intuition. Celebrating another year of Peace is a testament to how the universe has our backs when we follow our hearts and strive to uplift others along the way.

In many ways, Peace has carried the studio through the pandemic, so there is a lot to celebrate today! Thank you for being a part of this journey!

Receive a free healing crystal gift with purchase of $10 & up. July 7 – 10

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