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Virtual Event with Trisha Prabhu: May 31

Join Anderson’s Bookshops for a virtual event to celebrate Naperville author Trisha Prabhu’s new non-fiction kids book, ReThink the Internet: How to Make the Digital World a Lot Less Sucky. Trisha is the CEO and founder of #ReThink,™ a company dedicated to detecting and stopping online hate before bullying starts. She will be in conversation with Reshma Saujani (founder of Girls Who Code).  

The Goal: End Internet Hate. The Book: #ReThink The InternetThe Author: Trisha Prabhu, twenty-one-year-old innovator, social entrepreneur, global advocate, and inventor who was bullied as a child.
In a series of funny and illustrative stories, Trisha Prabhu, the CEO and inventor of #ReThink, asks readers to stop and consider the consequences before they post, tweet, comment, or text.
Because of her own experiences as a cyberbullied preteen, Trisha Prabhu decided that ending internet hate and promoting the idea of being a thoughtful, considerate, kind online citizen was her life’s goal. After creating the #ReThink technology, winning awards, appearing on TV, and getting invited to tons of speaking engagements, this book is the next step in making that happen.

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