Embracing Earth Tea Ceremony & Sound Healing

Date icon Apr 23, 2023
6:00PM - 7:45PM
Location icon Just Be Yoga Studio
124 South Webster Street 2nd floor, Naperville, IL

This year for Earth Day, we celebrate our part in the green revolution. In order to act boldly, innovate broadly, and implement equitably, a portion of the contributions to this gathering will be used to plant 3 trees. 

We start practice by grounding ourselves to Earth and our connection with one another. This connection will pave the way to working together to pot seeds of Illinois’ state flower, the common blue violet, combining the elements of Earth to nourish future growth. These familiar and sweet purple petals are symbolic of intuition and love. 

Move inward and recognize the beauty of all things by participating in a meditative gong-cha-inspired tea ceremony led by Titi. The tea ceremony will show you how complex and diverse everything can be, no matter how simple, if you just slow down to appreciate. 

Monika will then you lead through an immersive sound healing journey, giving you the opportunity to let go and connect with Mother Earth. End your practice with a nice savasana, paired with a light essential oil shoulder, neck, and head massage, by Titi. 

All attending guests will receive a small gift. Space is limited to only 12 individuals. Dress in loose and comfortable clothing.