Come stay overnight at Hotel Indigo Naperville

Did you know there is a new hotel coming to Downtown Naperville? As part of the Water Street Development, Hotel Indigo Naperville Riverwalk is the key attraction along with great new stores and restaurants, a new parking garage and a beautiful new extension of the Riverwalk.  Hotel Indigo is now accepting reservations, so make plans to enjoy a night in Downtown Naperville.

Hotel Indigo Naperville Riverwalk is a boutique hotel that combines authentic local experiences, modern design and intimate service with the peace of mind and consistency of staying with one of the world’s largest hotel groups.

About the Water Street Development

The Water Street District in downtown Naperville is located along the famed Downtown Riverwalk. The site consists of 40,292 sq. ft. of retail and restaurants, a 158-room hotel with rooftop dining, a 520-space parking garage, and 14,190 sq. ft. of office space. The Water Street District is surrounded by distinctive amenities showcasing a unique blend of traditional European character and fashion-forward style. Water Street promises to be one of the most coveted Chicagoland locations in which to stay, work, shop and dine.

The Water Street District will revitalize Water Street and return it to a thriving commercial and hospitality hub for the community, as it was in the Market Days era of the Pre-emption House. Development of the south bank of the DuPage River and extension of the Riverwalk on the property will create new gathering and recreational use for the community and visitors.

Expanded parking opportunities on the south end of Downtown will enhance traffic flow and pedestrian access to the central business district. In addition, the development will provide a natural gateway from Downtown to Naper Settlement, thereby encouraging residents and visitors alike to immerse themselves in the heritage of the community.

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