216 S. Main Street
Naperville, IL 60540

J McLaughlin

Part-Time Sales Associate/Stylist @ J. McLaughlin

Posted 10/09/21

We are hiring another Part time sales associate/stylist.  

J.McLaughlin is a specialty American Sportswear and Accessories brand headquartered in New York.  J.McLaughlin has the reputation for being “local and loyal”, building meaningful relationships within the each community and providing customers with highly personalized service.  We are a growing company with a focus on our culture of kindness, cultivating an exceptional atmosphere in which to work and shop.   

We are looking for a highly motivated, results driven Sales Associate at our Naperville location, with a passion for classic American Sportswear and the ability to achieve goals and objectives while upholding the ideals and standards of the company.    The ideal candidate should be sales driven and leads by example in building impactful relationships.  As brand ambassadors, Sales Associates are the experts in taking care of clients, selling, and creating a unique shopping experience with new and existing customers.

Contact to apply:

JMcLaughlin 216 S Main St. Naperville 60540


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