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May Treatment of the Month – NAD+IV Therapy/25% off 4-Packs

NAD+ IV Therapy – Our customers call it a game changer. Our team calls it the ‘Fountain of Youth.’
Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) plays a key role in energy production and maintains proper cell functioning to protect our bodies from aging and disease.
The BAD NEWS is you don’t have an endless supply of NAD+. Age, alcohol, diet, stress, medications, chronic illness and drugs all contribute to declining NAD+ levels.
The GOOD NEWS is supplementing with NAD+ IV Therapy is a safe and efficient method for maintaining healthy levels of NAD+.
IVme offers four dosing levels of NAD+ IV Therapy that help with energy, endurance, pain and inflammation, plus additional benefits.
The four NAD+ IV Levels are:
Anti-Aging (250mg)
NeuroRestore (500 mg)
Performance (750 mg)
NeuroMax (1000 mg)
If you are ready to start NAD+ IV Therapy or you are in the maintenance phase, you won’t want to miss this ONCE-A-YEAR opportunity to get 25% off NAD+ IV 4 Packs.

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